As The Days Get Shorter In Framingham, MA – Check Vehicle Lights, Wipers

Posted On: Friday, December 11, 2020

Most people understand the laws surrounding car headlights at night. However, many forget other circumstances where headlights are vital when it comes to driving safely and coordinating with other drivers. Fortunately, this article will cover situations (especially going into the winter months) where wipers and headlights are required to avoid accidents or miscommunication with other drivers.

As The Days Become Shorter, The Vehicle’s Lighting System Becomes Crucial To The Safety Of The Driver and Passengers

From the driver’s seat, you might recognize a light that is not functioning. Therefore, ensure that you inspect your vehicle’s light after every oil change. You also ought to inspect and replace your wiper blades to allow better visibility when wet weather hits. This is where you can get assistance from a trusted mechanic.

Undoubtedly, lights and wipers have a significant role in safe driving – the likelihood of an accident is higher when you can’t see or be seen. Primarily, the wiper system prevents excessive water, dirt, and snow from building up on your windshield, thus allowing clear visibility. The vehicle’s lighting system offers nighttime visibility, alerts, and signals other drivers, and provides light for viewing instruments and its interior.

See and Been Seen!

As a general rule, to maintain road safety and avoid fines, ensure that your headlights, brake lights, and tail lights are working effectively. The primary reason for this is because of traffic communication, since broken lights may easily result in disorienting drivers/ pedestrians, crash, or make a driver misunderstand a vehicle’s contextual space.

Be Prepared For Winter Driving

Inclement weather can also make roads less safe – this often poses a risk regardless of how experienced the driver might be. For this reason, most states have introduced laws that make wiper and headlight usage compulsory during times of dangerous or inclement weather. Because most of these laws resulted from accidents occurring in such times, they were passed to maintain drivers’ safety and coordination with other drivers on the road.

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As you have seen, car lights and wipers have a significant role in overall driving safety. Proper maintenance of these simple but vital vehicle parts will ensure that you have clear visibility on the road. Furthermore, you will also be visible to other drivers- avoiding collisions and accidents. Keeping these car parts clean and working effectively is relatively easy and affordable. Make it a habit to routinely check on them with Absolute Car Care. Get in touch with us today at 508-820-9323 or use our simple contact form to schedule an inspection.