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Oil Change

Your engine’s oil serves several important functions within your car’s engine:

  1. It keeps the metal parts of your engine from touching
  2. It contains detergents that help clean your engine’s moving parts
  3. It transports dirt to the oil filter instead of allowing it to build up in the oil pan
  4. It helps move heat out of the engine

Without regular oil changes, your oil will lose its ability to do all of the above, taking years off the life of your engine.

What’s the best oil weight for your car or truck? Should you use different oils for different seasons? The experts at Absolute Car Care will answer these questions for you.

Oil changes don’t cost a lot and don’t take very much time, so why avoid them? Absolute Car Care will make sure that the correct premium oil is used in the service of your vehicle and that your oil change is done right and on time. Call now for an appointment (508) 820-9323, or use the ‘Quick Contact’ form to the right.

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