Shock & Struts Replacement – Suspension Maintenance in Framingham MA

Posted On: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

When it comes to the comfort of the occupants of a vehicle – as well as its stability, shock absorbers play an essential role.

In its most basic form, a shock absorber merely resembles a hydraulic pump in terms of design and working principle. As a vehicle drives over bumpy road surfaces, the fluid flow in the shock absorber helps convert vibrations into other forms of energy, thus providing for a smoother ride.

By keeping tires in constant contact with the road surface, even on bumpy patches, shock absorbers help drivers remain in control of their vehicles. Failing shock absorbers can lead to several unwanted situations while on the road, and should, therefore, be looked at by a professional or replaced where necessary. Here are some reasons why, and instances where, you should have your car’s shock absorbers checked out by one of our automotive experts here at Absolute Car Care.

If the wear on your tires is uneven, then failing shock absorbers may be to blame. As previously stated, shock absorbers are meant to keep the tires on your car in constant contact with the ground; with time, these critical components may start failing, leading to uneven contact between the tire and the road surface.

By absorbing bumps, shocks, and other vibrations from the tires due to imperfection on the road surface, shock absorbers make for a smooth and comfortable ride for all the occupants of a vehicle. If most of these vibrations are felt by the occupants of your car, it might be time to have the shock absorbers examined by a pro.

Since shock absorbers have a considerable role to play in keeping your car’s tires in contact with the road surface, they have an impact on the stability and braking distance of the car. If your vehicle takes longer to stop, or swerves uncontrollably whenever you steer to one direction, failing shock absorbers may be to blame.

Shock absorbers may be damaged after your car hits a large pothole or bump on the road; these components may also start leaking hydraulic fluid with time. Having them checked out before winter hits will help you prepare well for this challenging period as far as driving is concerned.

Absolute Car Care in Framingham, Massachusetts, can inspect, and replace where necessary, your car’s shock absorbers, as well as the entire suspension system, including wishbones coil springs and bushes to ensure that everything is in perfect working condition as winter approaches.

If you have any questions whatsoever, just give us a buzz. We can tell you if your car should be seen or not. Use the contact form to request an appointment or call (508) 820-9323. Our quick, professional service will have you back on the road in no time with the confidence of a good handling vehicle at your fingertips.