Premiere Engine Tune-Up Service For Massachusetts Vehicles

Posted On: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Engine tuning involves the modification or adjustment of your vehicle’s internal combustion engine to increase the power output, durability, or economy of your engine. It is an important step in maintaining or repairing your vehicle. The engine is an important part of any vehicle. Disregarding it can lead to serious accidents. Here’s how we achieve engine tune-up at Absolute Car Care:

1. Spark Plugs Replacement

You can simply freshen your motor by replacing spark plugs. This replacement is determined by your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Copper plugs will require replacement after every 4 to 6 years or every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Iridium plugs, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan. They may need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years or after 100,000 miles. Proper maintenance and replacement of your spark plugs ensure that your engine burns efficiently.

2. Air Filter Replacement

One of the most neglected items on cars is the air intake filter. The frequency of air filter replacement will be higher for trucks driven in dirty conditions as compared to cars driven in the city. A performance air filter can boost your vehicle’s performance. Still, it can offer you a better MPG rate.

3. Examining Your Distributor Cap

Many vehicle manufacturers are now opting for Coil on Plug setups. This implies that this step is slowly being phased out. However, if you still drive a car with spark plug wires and a distributor, you need to have it examined by our experts at Absolute Car Care. We are well-equipped to inspect and replace your distributor cap and wires. This ensures that your vehicle remains in its best shape.

A better engine burn can be achieved through upgrading to a premium spark plug wire. More horsepower can be generated from such an improvement. It also improves fuel economy.

4. Changing Your Oil

Changing your oil is an efficient way to track what goes on under your car’s hood. Some car owners only open their hood to change their oil. You can have peace of mind once we change your oil.

5. Toping Off Fluids

The fluids in your vehicle need to always stay clean. Also, fluid levels need to be full at all times. Such fluids include brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant overflow, power steering fluid, and window washing fluid.

Our experts at Absolute Car Care are the best when it comes to engine tuning. Inspections and replacement of your engine’s fluids, spark plugs, timing, and air filters can be done by our staff. We factor in all aspects of your vehicle, including its model, make, and condition before we embark on the tuning process. This ensures you get the best results from our engine tune-up. Contact us today for the best engine tune-up services.