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Fuel System Repair

Hear a knocking noise coming from the rear of your car? Smell gas in your exhaust? Is your car stuttering or stalling? Has your ‘Check Engine Light’ come on? All of these things could be symptoms of a problem with your car’s fuel system. The job of the fuel system is to supply gas to the engine and it takes a bunch of working components to do this efficiently. From the pump to the hoses, fuel filter, injectors, etc. – there’s a lot that can wear out.

Especially in Massachusetts where temperatures can reach extremes of heat and cold, your fuel system can prematurely wear out. If it’s not performing at it’s peak, you could be wasting gas, your vehicle’s emissions might be high, and your engine could be running roughly.

Our specially trained mechanics will test all aspects of your car’s fuel system and get to the heart of any problem quickly and affordably. Call now for an appointment (508) 820-9323, or use the ‘Quick Contact’ form to the right.

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