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Drivetrain Repair

Your drivetrain is the system within your car that takes the power from the transmission and transfers it to the wheels. The components involved are the transmission (automatic or manual), the drive shaft, differentials, and axles. Ball-joints, U-joints, gears, CV-joints, housings and more can be common problem causers as they tend to wear out eventually. Some symptoms could include: a thud sound when beginning to accelerate, a rattling or clunking noise when braking, or a feeling of a loss of power to the wheels.

Whatever might be causing the problem with your drivetrain, Absolute Car Care can fix it at a reasonable cost. Whether you need a u-joint replacement, cv-joint replaced, or an axle repair, we’ll keep the cost down and get you back on the road fast. Call now for an appointment (508) 820-9323, or use the ‘Quick Contact’ form to the right.

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