Check Engine Light On? Let The Expert’s at Absolute Car Care Check It

Posted On: Monday, August 2, 2021

When the check engine light is on, it becomes important to find out what’s going on immediately. You don’t want to delay things as that might lead to the problem worsening.

This is where Absolute Car Care comes into the equation with our world-class diagnostics equipment. We are a service provider home to trusted experts with years of qualified experience correcting similar issues.

Here’s more on what the check engine light might signify and why it’s important to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Gas Cap

This is one of the more common problems that can trigger the check engine light.

This occurs when the gas cap has come undone and/or is not closing the way it is supposed to. This will lead to a warning from the vehicle making it important to lock the gas cap into place before driving again.

It is the first place you should be checking to see if that is the problem or not.

Engine Combustion

This is an issue that will focus on how the engine is functioning.

If it is not performing as it is supposed to, the check engine light can come on. This can include potential faulty connections that are creating issues when it comes to how the engine performs when the vehicle is running.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is important when it comes to splitting unsafe gasses from safe ones.

If this does not occur, it can harm the vehicle and lead to significant damages. It is also a health risk if you are not as careful about taking care of the problem at hand.

This is why having an expert take a look is key.

Spark Plugs

It is possible the issue has to do with the spark plugs.

If one of the spark plugs goes out, the check engine light may be going to come out. This can be a warning that other spark plugs will also go out.

Air/Fuel Mixture

The air/fuel mixture has to be perfect for the vehicle to run safely.

If there are inconsistencies in this regard or the components don’t work properly, it can lead to a situation where things break down.

Absolute Car Care understands the importance of correcting an issue with your vehicle right away. With years of experience and a desire to assist vehicle owners, this is a team that is committed to the task at hand.

Get started by calling in and having a specialist run through a set of tests to see what’s going on. This is the best way to make sure no mistakes are made and everything works out the way you want it to.