4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Posted On: Monday, May 10, 2021

Massachusetts Roads Can Take A Real Toll On Your Vehicles Suspension

Roads in Massachusetts are notoriously rough with plenty of potholes, especially after harsh storms and winters. They can tear up your car’s shocks and struts over time. Although your car can absorb these jerks and shocks easily, it isn’t completely immune to such beatings. You will eventually notice that these beatings are taking a toll on your car’s suspension.

Usually, a car’s strut or shock can withstand this type of wear and tear for approximately fifty thousand miles. Still, after that, the suspension starts to deteriorate. It will become overly bouncy, stiff, and may make strange noises even if you drive on a smooth road.

Here Are A Few Signs That You Should Keep In Mind About Your Car’s Suspension So That You Can Contact Your Nearest Technician Right Away To Fix It

1. Hearing Squeaks Over Bumps

Do you hear squeaky noises whenever your car goes over speed-breakers or bumps? If yes, it means the shock absorber is wearing down. You will also notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your car under control as its performance diminishes slowly. Every speed bump will become a problem for your car as it will make screeching sounds every time. Contact a technician immediately to replace your shock absorbers.

2. Feeling The Bumps On The Road

A typical symptom of a worn-out suspension system is a bumpy ride. Driving on small undulations or potholes seems challenging because of the sound your car makes and the difficulty you face while driving through them. In most cases, the problem is with the piston-cylinder assembly, and it requires immediate repair to make the car work normally again.

3. One Side Of The Car Sits Lower Than The Other

Sometimes, you may not hear squeaky noises over bumps. But you see that one side of the car sits lower than the other when you park. This is a clear sign of broken springs on one side. This means your car’s suspension spring is well and truly worn out and needs immediate replacement because it can’t support the car’s weight anymore.

4. Steering Becomes Increasingly Difficult

Another sign that your car needs suspension repair is when you face problems steering the car even at low speeds. It shows that the suspension is lagging and either needs oiling, or certain parts of the suspension system need replacement.

The suspension is one of the most crucial parts of your car that allows you to drive smoothly and safely. If you notice any of the signs above, don’t hesitate to call Absolute Car Care at (508) 820-9323 or use our quick contact form. Our experienced technicians can look at your car’s suspension and fix the problem within the same day.