3 Safety Tips For Driving In The Snow

Posted On: Friday, February 12, 2016

If you currently live in Framingham, MA you are aware that driving around town over the last week has not be easy! Dangerous conditions on the road such as snow and slippery ice makes driving scary, and potentially hazardous.  Check out these 3 safety tips for driving in the snow to stay safe on the road!

  1. Accelerate and Decelerate With Caution – Quick changes of speed on wet slippery roads can cause your tires to skid out of control.
  2. Drive Slowly -Do NOT speed! If you have an appointment to make, give yourself extra time to arrive. Speeding will increase the risk for not only yourself, but others on the road.
  3. Check Your Brakes – Make sure your brakes are in good condition before driving in the snow! Give yourself extra space between other vehicle’s on the road to avoid any accidents due to faulty brakes.

If you live in Framingham or the Metrowest MA area and have any questions regarding safety on the road or the condition of your vehicle don’t hesitate to call the experts at Absolute Car Care!